We’re going Green Toys

Nothing tastes better in the morning than that first sip of coffee, before anyone’s awake, that short moment of peace before the hectic morning routines begin. With just enough time to throw away the empty milk jug in the recycling, the footsteps start to come crashing down the stairs...

With a busy lifestyle, we don’t always have the time to think about where our waste goes or where that empty milk jug will end up. We put them in the recycle bin; lid closed, gone forever.

So where did that milk jug go? Well, if it’s lucky it’ll become a brand new toy!

Green Toys, based in the US, have recycled nearly 100 million milk jugs and turned them into intuitive, well built, fun-filled toys. Such as the Rocket red. Built to take your child’s imagination on an endless adventure into space. Sky’s the limit!

Even the packaging is made from recycled cardboard and uses soy ink, a renewable alternative to traditional inks.

Green Toys are an eco-friendly company focused on reducing its environmental impact while understanding child development and sparking their imagination.

All of their toys are battery and noise-free, which, I’m sure, will make many parents happy.

Many parents are now starting to take into consideration the sustainability and ethics of all the products they introduce into their homes. The toys they buy for their children are no different. The good news is many toy manufacturers for taking strides in reducing their global impact, with GreenToys standing as a shining example of how it is possible.

Another brand we love for their efforts in sustainability is Eeboo. All their paper-based products are made from 90% recycled grayboard and use renewable inks. They are also a great leader for women as a fully woman-owned business. Their use of unique artists and illustrators make their products beautify and truly a joy to play with. It’s no surprise they have won 201 Oppenheim Toy Awards.

So the next time you throw that milk jug into the recycling, be careful, you never know what it might come back as.

Just know your children are going to love it.